This website is dedicated to the Michelin Plant on Ford Avenue, the Evans Family, Dr Forney and his sons, who they have given so much to the town of Milltown and for playing an important role in forming the town we love and respect. Also dedication goes to the remaining historical sites that are remaining that we hold dear to our heart, also to the ones that we have lost to the senseless disregard of our town history and to what makes this town so special, the residents that live and work here. We need to stop the senseless destruction of our historical landmarks and Milltown's history now before its to late and is lost forever.

Talking about our Town History is one Thing- Saving it is Another

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Ford Avenue

The Michelin Tire Company-The American Adventure 1907-1931 Click Here   (Outstanding article about the Michelin Tire and Rubber Company, the effect it had on Milltown, the American people and the role Milltown played in the develop of the Tire and Rubber Industry in the United States)

Ford Ave Michelin Plant Photo Gallery-Click Here

Builders Agreement for Ford Ave Redevelopment between Milltown Ford Ave Redevelopment Agency and Borie Development, LLC Click Here

Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement between Milltown Ford Ave Redevelopment Agency and Borie Development LLC November 22 2005 Click Here

Revised Milltown Ford Ave Redevelopment Plan for Ford Ave Redevelopment Area April 24 2009 Click Here


Planning Board okay’s 324 units on Ford Avenue . 

  we need 64 units to meet our COAH obligation….why are we allowing 324 units?

Are the Council Members and Mayor again looking after private interests and making developers RICH on the backs of Milltown residents?

If we do not add this additional housing we will not increase our COAH obligation-we are only responsible for 64 COAH units

The Mayor, Council and the Ford Ave Redevelopment Agency would like you to believe that this plan will be the best for Milltown but in reality this plan will overburden our existing infrastructure, increase traffic and safety concerns on an already busy Main Street, overburden our school system, change Milltown's landscape and small town feel and most importantly RAISE OUR TAXES.

·    Cost to Residents for additional school children (ex. $13,000 per high school student) Do you really think that the extra 324 units will not generate additional students to attend our schools and overburden our school system? The Mayor, Council and the Planning Board think not. It has been stated that if we need to have 45 students in a class then so be it.

·     Cost to Residents for new sewer systems and to upgrade electrical system. Our sewer and electrical infrastructure is already outdated and near capacity. Who do you think is going to pay for improvements. The developers fair share is small compared to what we are responsible for paying. Yes, higher taxes.

·     Cost to Residents for traffic and safety concerns-

·     Cost to Residents for Fire, Rescue Squad, Police-

  Renovate existing historic buildings - could result in deduction of COAH units required.

·        Grants are available for low income housing-

·        Developers working presently in Princeton, Trenton and all around the United States are successfully renovating existing historical buildings for office, commercial and residential.

Why are Council members passing resolutions to pay developer’s legal bills?  Under the builder’s agreement, Borie Development LLC is responsible. We have already paid out thousands of dollars in legal fees that will have to be paid by the taxpayers of Milltown. Click on the link Builders Agreement for Ford Ave above and look at pages 10 to 12 and pages 19 and 20.



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